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Kansas Football: Charlie Weis Talks State Of The Program!

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Monday afternoon Charlie Weis addressed the media before turning the floor over to Jake Heaps, Dayne Crist and Justin McCay. The presser marked the first meeting with the media since the beginning of the semester.

Weis addressed several areas to open his press conference opening with the news that the names will return to the back of the jerseys. A small and insignificant point in the grand scheme of things, but something that was a hot topic with Turner Gill.

In addition Weis used this opportunity address the numerous rumors surrounding departures from the Jayhawk football squad. Weis mapped out the following departures and placed them into a few specific categories to clarify how his program is being run.


Darrian Miller, Keeston Terry, Brock Berglund, Dexter McDonald, Jaqwaylin Arps and Adonis Saunders

Still at the University of Kansas but no longer on the team

Jordan Webb, Tyrone Sellers and Tom Mabry


Travis Bodenstein

When discussing the departures, specifically dismissal's, Weis pointed to a right and wrong way of doing things. While he wouldn't go into detail Weis said that it doesn't matter if you are a starter or a walk on you are going to do things the right way and live up to the standard or you won't be at the University of Kansas.

Weis also touched on his incoming staff and future recruiting. Weis pointed to the remaining linebacker coaching position stating that they hope to have that position in place by Friday. In terms of recruiting, Weis knows what number he is working toward and emphasized that year one is a challenge but they are working to address needs. He also pointed to his overall number and emphasized that he will need to take into consideration any May graduates that could take advantage of the 5th year rule similar to Dayne Crist.

More News and Notes After The Jump

  • Spring ball will begin on March 27th. Spring game will be on April 28th.
  • Each player dismissed had an opportunity to take steps to return to the team and they did not take advantage of them.
  • He didn't say specifically but it was likely Webb. Referencing players who have an opportunity to graduate and take advantage of the Dayne Crist rule. Webb is set to graduate this year and he'll head elsewhere to play ball.
  • Current status for McCay. Sit a year, two to play. They are going to apply for the hardship waiver which Oklahoma signed off on that would allow him to play this year.
  • Said Dayne Crist is a leader and can help the team understand who Charlie Weis is as a coach.
  • Wanted a defensive coordinator that could run the full operation so he can focus on being the offensive coordinator. Campo talks the same language and can keep Weis up to speed without Weis having to have his hand in everything.
  • The last two years for Dayne Crist is null and void. He knows what he has with Dayne Crist and he's "fired up".

Dayne Crist, Jake Heaps and Justin McCay

  • Crist - Honesty from coach Weis is huge in his eyes. Whether it's what you want to hear or not, it's the truth and it's a huge positive.
  • Heaps - Familiarity with Weis and Powlus is why he visited Kansas. After the visit he fell in love with the community. Sees that fans want football to succeed. Kansas has won before and they believe it can happen again.
  • Heaps - It's a second chance. None of them expected to be here but things happen for a reason and they are excited about the opportunity.
  • McCay - They all wanted to come here for an opportunity. With Charlie Weis they have a great staff and it's a big opportunity.
  • Crist - Excited for the challenge of changing the culture of Kansas football.
  • Heaps - Goal is to work as hard as they can to win at Kansas and then prepare themselves for the next level.
  • McCay - Grunhard didn't push too hard and that was nice to have that support. Coach Weis, proximity to home and coach Grunhard made the difference. Hopes to play immediately.
  • Heaps - Ready to be a sponge in year one, learn the system and see how it's supposed to be done in year one. "Nothing is promised I could be the future and I could not be the future so I'll be working as hard as I can".
  • Crist - Weis is such a competitor and it's infectious.