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Latest Polls Set The Stage For No. 3 Baylor Vs. No. 7 Kansas Tonight

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The stage is now set for a Big 12 matchup of two teams firmly planted in the top 10. In the latest set of polls Baylor moves up one spot to no. 3 after North Carolina's loss to Florida State. Meanwhile Kansas jumps three spots up to no. 7 this week moving ahead of Indiana, North Carolina and Michigan State.

A win here makes a huge statement for either side. For Kansas the win would represent their second win over a top three team, the first being Ohio State. For Baylor a win would mark their biggest test to date and a statement victory over a top ten conference opponent on the road.

Elsewhere in the conference Missouri moves up to no. 5 while Kansas State drops down to no 25 in the AP and out of the rankings in the ESPN/Coaches poll. Syracuse, Kentucky and Duke complete the top five along checking in at no. 1, no.2 and no. 4 respectively.