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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.16.12

Kansas Women's Basketball

KU women pick up road win at Missouri, 72-63 |
Another win for the women. Now sitting 3-1 in the conference and 14-2 overall. NCAA tourney in the future here?

Kansas Basketball

Battle of the bigs: Big-name big men to meet on Big Monday |
Can't wait for this one tonight.

Dreamin’ until tonight’s tipoff |
Keegan talks about the big game.

Kansas Football

3 more junior college football prospects commit to Kansas |
Recap of yesterday's recruiting Bonanza!

A couple of quick notes from the football team. As expected both Darrian Miller and Jordan Webb were absent from the initial team meeting. No big surprise there. The other two names that weren't necessarily expected, Adonis Saunders and Brock Berglund.

There were several reports since the Weis hire that indicated Berglund would return to Lawrence and join the team. That might still be the case, but I would say step one is showing up to the first team meeting and that didn't happen. Hopefully it's an excused absence for one reason or another. My hunch would be that this staff won't have as much tolerance for the lack of participation.

Either way, Crist is probably expected to be the guy this year with Heaps after that so maybe it's a non-issue.

UPDATE: Got an email, looks like Tait tweeted a week ago that Berglund would report on the 17th. Obviously that is tomorrow. Hopefully that means this is an excused absence and we'll have some competition behind Crist who has to be the frontrunner.

Playoffs & College Football

Penn State Nittany Lions -- Joe Paterno says he didn't know how to handle Jerry Sandusky abuse report - ESPN
Paterno talks a little more.

2012 Divisional Rapid Reaction Giants-Packers - NFL Nation Blog - ESPN
Eli really carving out himself a little legacy alongside his bigger more highly publicized brother.

College Basketball

Indiana vs. Ohio State - Recap - January 15, 2012 - College Basketball -
Big win for the Buckeyes.