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Darrian Miller Leaving the Kansas Jayhawks

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Darrian Miller
Darrian Miller

H/T to MJR on this one. Miller has announced (via Twitter, of course) that he is no longer with the football team. Judging from the tweet, it doesn't sound like there are any overt hard feelings:

"Thanks to everyone ive met over the past years and all the big homies who taught me..but I am officially no longer a Kansas Jayhawk"

This is the first official defection since Charlie Weis' hire. Weis mentioned at the press conference that he expects a lot of transfers purely as part of the process, but until now we could only guess as to who might be leaving. Miller was the most common name thrown about, along with Keeston Terry.

Miller ran for 599 yards and 4 TDs in a promising true freshman campaign in 2011, when he was arguably the offense's most electrifying player. Hopefully we'll learn more about the circumstances of his departure as time goes on. Rumors have included everything from disciplinary problems to grades to anger over the new staff''s recent interest in 4 star RB Rodney Coe.

Regardless of the reasons, this doesn't help the offense. Still, with James Sims, Tony Pierson and Brandon Bourbon all ostensibly returning next season, this is the deepest position on the team even without Miller. At this point, we can only continue to wait to find out which (and how many) players will be jumping ship.