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Kansas Hires Dave Campo as Defensive Coordinator

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It seemed like it took forever, but Kansas finally has its defensive coordinator. Kansas hired Dave Campo, who will also work with the defensive backs, today.

Campo has a wealth of experience - and success - in both college and the NFL. He helped Miami win a national championship as the secondary coach in 1987, and he coached the Thorpe Award winner Benny Blades that year.

His success at Miami led him to follow Jimmy Johnson to the Cowboys, where he served as secondary coach, winning two Super Bowls there. He was then promoted to defensive coordinator, and won the Super Bowl in his first year at that position. He was the Cowboys head coach for three years, during which they had some rough times: Campo is the only Cowboys coach ever to not have a winning season or coach in a playoff game.

He has, however, had great success when focused solely on the defensive side of the ball. In four of his five years as Cowboys defensive coordinator, Dallas had a top 10 defense. He then moved to Jacksonville where he served as Jaguars secondary coach, and in each of his three years his unit either set or matched club records for interceptions.

I know everyone was hoping for Jim Leavitt, but if you look past Campo's record as a head coach in the NFL there is the potential for this to be a great hire for Kansas. The other thing, obviously, to watch is I am sure his name will be quite recognizable to Texas recruits.