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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 1.13.12

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At Their Best Against the Best - RealGM Articles
Interesting article emailed to me by KSinDC. Gracias! If anyone else ever catches something and wants to shoot me an email I'm happy to include reader recommendations in the daily links.

Kansas Basketball's 2011-12 College Hoops Midseason All-America Team - NCAA Basketball -
SI's Luke Winn and Seth Davis assemble their midseason All-America teams's 2011-12 Midseason Crystal Ball - NCAA Basketball -
Some Jayhawk and Thomas Robinson mention in this one. I have to say, I am REALLY hoping that Robinson can keep things rolling as far as the player of the year talk. That would be a huge deal for Robinson, Kansas and Bill Self.

Kevin Young guns (and runs and rebounds and passes and … ) |
First big off the bench...needs to be.

It’s time for RPI to RIP |
Bill Self is one of the RPI masters.

Josh Selby takes over backup duties for Grizzlies | 'Hawks in the NBA |
Selby making a move? It would be great to see him get things on track.

Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie suspends Terran Petteway for one game - ESPN
The Aftermath: Texas Tech coach Billy Gillispie has suspended freshman Terran Petteway for a game after he elbowed a Kansas player during a loss to the 10th-ranked Jayhawks.

Kansas Football

Recruit impressed by Kansas’ NFL ties |
Now this is one large man. I caught a little bit of his film and he is a road grader when it comes to run blocking. I think this would be a nice addition to our offensive line and now that we have QB's with legit height, 6'8" is totally doable.

The Top 100 Games Of The 2011 College Football Season, 100 Through 71 -
We made the list....WE MADE THE LIST!!!

College Football

NCAA president Mark Emmert supports 4-team football playoff - NCAA Football -
More playoff talk