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Conference Realignment Rewind!

Whew!  What a week.  Wait, did anything actually happen?  It sure seemed like we were once again on the cusp of conference realignment Armageddon.  The end of the Big 12.  The beginning of a new home for Kansas football and Kansas basketball.  One second things look good, the next they look dark and dismal.  So where are we and where have we been?

At the moment we're back at the Big 12(-2).  Why?  Well A&M decided to leave.  That move actually took place last week, but they didn't have a home...if you buy that.  With college football's opening weekend taking center stage the participating Big 12 schools all fell in line declaring their COMMITMENT to the Big 12(-3) despite the departure of A&M.

Well that lasted all of 24 hours before news started trickling out regarding Texas, Texas Tech and the Okie's heading West to the Pac12.  Texas was fairly below the radar in all this talk but the Okie's spoke loud and often from Bob Stoops to the Okie Light ambassador of kwan, T. Boone Pickins.  Yes he's still alive.

In fact Stoops went so far as to say that he didn't feel the Texas v Oklahoma rivalry needed to continue.  It seemed as if the Okie's were fed up with big bad Texas and ready to break free along with A&M, Nebraska and anyone else that could find a life boat.

All the while Kansas floated off the radar looking like they might be destined for the Big East along with Kansas State and Missouri. A temporary fix perhaps. And just when all the leverage seemed to lie elsewhere Texas pulls a rabbit out of their hat and starts talking ACC????  This suddenly catapulted Kansas and Missouri back into the conversation for the Pac 12 and perhaps provided Kansas with a home in the ACC. 

But was it a Texas sized bluff?  The ACC says yes, but who really tells the truth these days anyway?  While all this is going on the SEC meets in Atlanta and extends an invite to A&M while the world tracks various University jets on flight tracker, is this safe?  What a coincidence A&M needs a home so this should work splendidly, invitation ACCEPTED!!

Tap the breaks, hold your horses and back up the truck.  The SEC says it's an offer contingent on...wait for LAWSUITS! That's impossible, this is America and we have more lawyers than we know what to do with.  So along comes Baylor with one last bullet in the chamber and you can bet your ass they are using it

From there it appears that eight of the nine remaining schools in the conference refuse to waive their right to sue which is odd considering everyone was diving overboard just a few days ago.  So now the Big 12 appears united and talk has even emerged once again surrounding BYU and the continuation of the Big 12 conference. 

"Meanwhile, if Oklahoma commits to the Big 12 and Texas A&M leaves for the SEC, the Big 12 is going to pursue BYU as a 10th member, according to the source.

So what do we know?  What has changed?  In the end, not a whole lot.  A&M wants out but they can't.  Everyone else wants to stay because it's their best option.  Oklahoma could tear everything down if they just say the word, but what once appeared inevitable now appears to be a fading possibility. 

Big (12-3) +1?  Is it happening and if so is that the best thing for Kansas?  Rip the band aid off or drag this thing out.  That once again seems to be the question and dragging it out seems to be what everyone who has a say in the final decision wants to do. Too bad that probably isn't the best thing for the fans or the athletic programs involved.

Disclaimer: This was written and updated 45 seconds ago.  All the above information could have changed substantially and therefore be complete BS.