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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.8.11

Kansas Football/Kansas Realignment

Wild Wednesday: KU currently debating whether to waive legal rights regarding A&M | Tale of the Tait |
The latest and greatest from Tait on where KU stands in terms of realignment. This sure does change a lot.

KU football notebook: Jayhawks view Northern Illinois as must-win game |
Must win...absolutely.

Running back Darrian Miller is finding his place at KU -
The early success for Miller and Keeston Terry has to be a positive for Kansas City recruiting.

From special player to special teams | The Hutchinson News
Article on Heeney

KU frosh are grabbing attention |
More freshman talk.

Bill Self Speaks

Kansas’ Self: It’s ‘crucial time’ |
Self has been pretty quiet this go around. Here's a few thoughts from what ultimately amounts to the most important man in the Kansas athletic department.


Big 12’s future cloudy, with a chance |
Sounds like the chance is increasing now. This is like a rollercoaster from hell.

OU prez holds key to league |
Probably better if we stick but I almost want OU to just blow the thing up so we can get this resolved. I just don't see how the continuation is anything more than temporary.

College Basketball

Playing the 'what if' game for college basketball if realignment explodes - ESPN
A realignment viewpoint from the college basketball side of things.