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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.23.11

HEY...Basketball this weekend right? Sounds like anyone in Kansas will be able to catch this "Legends of the Phog" business so I'll throw together an open thread tomorrow for those who are interested in a little distraction from football. 

Legends of the Phog

Marcus Morris looks forward to potential 'Legends' match-up |
Legends of the Phog talk.

Big 12

Mizzou doesn’t commit to Big 12, SEC still an option -
Just when you thought it was over...we go back to the start.

Neinas interested, expected to be Big 12 interim -
Name that's been floating around with Beebe's departure. Posted this last night but I think this is a done deal.


Stop superconferences, start a football playoff - College Football -
The upheaval and uncertainty created by realignment could have been headed off by a plus-one postseason model. It's not too late to get it right. - College Football news

College Football: Realignment Can't Make You Smarter -
When it comes to college football's current conference realignment drama, how much do academics matter?