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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.2.11


Kansas Football

Opurum eyes KU sack record |
Missed this one the other day. Sure would be great to get enough of a pass rush to start talking about records.

Which true freshmen will have biggest impact for KU against McNeese State? Plus, predictions ... | Cram Session |
LJWorld's roundtable

KU out to avoid another FCS nightmare |
Two years in a row is something you don't hear the end of. There will be some pressure on Saturday.

KU to a bowl game? It’s possible |
Tough to see a bowl but there are always surprises. Maybe we can be one.

KU football players hope to find some luck with newly installed bronze Jayhawk |
Nice little addition down by the stadium.

Kansas-McNeese State football preview -
High level preview of Saturday

KU counts on cohesive offensive line -
It all starts here for the offense.

Kansas Basketball

Morris twins take lockout in stride |
checking in with the twins during the lockout.

Looking Ahead

Western Carolina Catamounts vs. Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets - Recap - September 01, 2011 - ESPN
Georgia Tech wins BIG and they were able to pass. 662 yards of offense. Yes it was a weak opponent but they beat them the way you're supposed to.

Jayhawks in the Pro's

Denver Broncos vs. Arizona Cardinals - Box Score - September 01, 2011 - ESPN
I watched this game last night and most of the preseason for the Broncos. Chris Harris had five tackles against Arizona and has made an impression with the team. Sounds like he has a real shot at making the roster as an undrafted free agent.

More Realignment Talk - Nothing personal, strictly business
The why's behind A&M's departure. Smart move really.

With A&M leaving, is the Big 12 on the road to recovery or oblivion? | Tale of the Tait |
Tait covers the realignment landscape including a prediction from Austin that this all blows up by the end of September.

Big 12 creating anxiety |
For some yes, for others no.

Kevin Haskin: Football is here, is the Big 12? |
Haskin looks at the prospect of the Big 12 being around in the future.

Texas says it tried to partner with A&M |
The TRUTH comes out.

KU, K-State not connected should Big 12 break apart -
More on Gray-Little's comments yesterday.