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Fasten Your Seatbelt, It's Realignment Time Again!

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So this weekend put a bit of a wrench into things.  Just last week Texas appeared to have option and those options would seem to have been a good thing for Kansas.  Texas was in conversation with the ACC, they obviously had the Pac12 to fall back on and even a few off the wall rumors had Texas sitting with an offer from the Big 10.

Then Saturday happened.  Syracuse and Pitt went from Big East teams to future ACC foes in what seemed like minutes. The move came a bit out of left field and based on the reaction out of the Big East and across the country the ACC might have been the only conference that saw it coming.

Now we're looking at a potential scramble.  Texas and Oklahoma officials meet today.  The expectation is that the presidents at each respective University will be given "permission" to seek a new conference affiliation.  Oklahoma is expected to be a done deal to the Pac12 along with Oklahoma State.  Texas and Texas Tech look to be the two teams that will bring the number to 16 after a reported compromise between the Pac12 and Texas over the Longhorn network.

To the East, UConn is "aggressively seeking membership into the ACC and West Virginia is angling for the the SEC as teams with leverage scramble to bail from the sinking ship that is the Big East.  Ironic that one of the founding individuals of the Big East passed away this weekend.

That brings us back to the Big 12.  Kansas, Missouri, Kansas State, Baylor and Iowa State all look to be on an island.  Missouri probably sits in the best position with potential options in the SEC and/or Big 10 depending on how things shake out.  The biggest question seems to be whether or not the Big 10 will react and if we see conferences move to 16 here or might they hold at 14.  16 gives Kansas a chance, 14 is a bad things.

The good news is it's a bye week.  The bad news is that this distraction might not provide any good news or relief following the dismantling in Atlanta.  Good or bad it does appear we could once again be on the edge of our seats for a week that could provide some major ups and downs and who knows, maybe we'll end up right back where we started again.