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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 9.19.11

Kansas Football

Jayhawks insist they’re ‘better’ |
Maybe so, but last week probably put many fans back into a "show me, don't tell me" mentality.

Realignment Takes Center Stage During the Bye Week.  Hold on Tight.

Realignment Today: 5:21 p.m. - Reports say UT, Texas Tech, OU and Okie State headed west; KU? | Tale of the Tait |
Tait mentions the 18 team scenario and KU MU heading West.  The others should be a done deal today.

Realignment heats up with Pitt, Syracuse to ACC -
Pretty comprehensive rundown as of Sunday. Includes talk of Kansas to the Big East.

Rutgers remains 'in contact' with ACC and Big Ten |
From the Rutgers angle.

Notre Dame AD Swarbrick: Big East turmoil a surprise -
A few quotes from the ND AD. He says they want to stay independent, not that anyone has been real believable in this whole thing.

NCAA President Mark Emmert calls for caution
"There's a chance to do some things that would be helpful, and there's a chance to do some things that would be very wrong."

BCS football: The ACC expands, is the Pac-12 next? (And how big could it get?) | College Hotline
One scenario that has the Pac16(which is going to happen) going to the Pac18 or 20? PURE speculation but it's an interesting thought. Can't imagine CU being happy about this at all as it would basically nullify all the great things that they were so excited about in joining the Pac12.

Leftovers on menu for KU |
So discouraging.