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Rock Chalk Talk BlogPoll Ballot: Week Four

We now sit three weeks in and teams are wrapping up the non conference schedules and preparing for final tune ups, bye weeks and conference play.  With that we have a little bit of a better idea as to the who's who in college football.  This is the way we're voting here at RCT, after the jump a few places where I differ and my why I like some teams better than other.

  • LSU over Alabama?  Not that this is hugely controversial but I've watched LSU twice now and I am extremely impressed with them defensively.  Throw in the fact that they have been completely unfazed by the distractions at hand and it feels like a team that has been tested early, answered the call and they have a lot of maturity.
  • Wisconsin at #4.  Most polls seem to place the Badgers in the 6-8 range and rising. I'm bumping them to #4 now because I'm sold.  They can score in bunches and they are big, physical and athletic. They'll be handful for just about anyone in the country, now they just have to survive the weekly grind of the Big 1G.
  • A&M over Oklahoma State.  Again not a hugely shocking move but most polls like the offensive explosion in Stillwater.  While they have done more to convince me that they are strong defensively as well, I still feel like A&M is a more balanced team at this point.
  • South Carolina at #15?  This is low compared to the majority of polls and it's hard not to like Marcus Lattimore, but doesn't it feel like South Carolina and QB Garcia tend to get overrated?
  • #17-#21.  By far the toughest stretch to slot. All five of these teams could make a strong argument for position.  South Florida has looked very good early.  Baylor had a flashy game one win.  Texas has McCoy/Shipley 2.0.  Clemson played tough against Auburn and TCU put up a fight against Baylor and has looked strong since.
  • Missouri and Miami.  Neither is currently ranked in the major polls and Missouri might be a stretch but after watching Miami against Ohio State I came away impressed with their speed and with suspensions now running their course they are returning to full strength.