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Kansas vs. Georgia Tech Animated Drive Chart


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

If you're into self deprecation or like to punish yourself, go ahead and click the play button.  The more I look back at yesterday the more it feels like a video game.  One team completely blown out in "Maddenlike" fashion.  Georgia Tech just anhialated the Jayhawks and with that they brought back a whole lot of apprehension about the next nine games in the Jayhawks season.

Compete, improve and don't embarrass.  That seemed to be the rally cry this year and with the 2-0 start confidence was building that Turner Gill had this team going in the right direction.  Now you can quit with all the talk about getting rid of the guy because it's not happening and I would disagree with that move, but I think expectations have been tempered pretty significantly following this one.

768 yards of offense, 604 on the ground and a 12.1 yard per carry average.  66 points, 164 yards through the air and a 23.4 yard per attempt average.  Georgia Tech didn't even flinch when facing their first "real opponent".  All the talk going into this one was that their offense COULD have been a product of inferior competition.  After facing Kansas and IMPROVING on those existing numbers the Yellow Jackets next opponent will probably make the same argument and cite competition as the reason for inflated stats.