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Kansas Basketball 50 in 50, No. 44: Reed All About It

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50 in 50 is a feature here at RCT counting down until the Jayhawks kick off the 2011 basketball season on November first. Got an idea for something you'd like to see featured here? tweet @rockchalktalk or @fetch9 or email me at fetch9 at gmail dot com.

Yesterday I brought you the story of one KU related book due out soon. Today, another. Tyrel Reed and Tully Corcoran are combining to tell the tale of Reed's time at KU, entitled Reed All About It: Driven to be a Jayhawk. In it they tell the tale of Reed's time at KU, how they game has changed with the advent of one and dones, and how he managed to not only turn into a very good contributor at KU but how he was so great off the court, becoming an a three time Academic all Big 12 member.

The book joins other books that were written in (I'm assuming) the same vein: Floor Burns by Jerod Haase and Long Shot by Jeff Boschee. (by the way Long Shot is very good)

The book is due out October 1, with a foreword written by Cole Aldrich.