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Georgia Tech Runs Wild in Win Over Kansas

Kansas made the trip to Atlanta this weekend hoping to prove some of their doubters wrong.  Unfortunately it seems that only about half the team made the trip. Maybe it boils down to scheme, maybe it has to do with talent, perhaps it's injuries.  Either way the defense for the Kansas Jayhawks has a long way to go.

The story in this one was offense, offense and more offense.  The Kansas offense was able to keep the team in the game during the first half by converting multiple third downs and stringing together a pair of long sustained touchdown drives. 

However it was the offense on the other side of the ball that flat out exploded.  The Kansas defense was absolutely shredded by a Georgia Tech rushing attack that averaged 12.3 yards per carry and never let off the gas. Early in the second half, following back to back big play scores, Kansas just found themselves in a hole too big to dig out of.

If you're looking for silver linings, it has to be the improved Kansas offense. Jordan Webb continues to look like a much improved quarterback and the Kansas offensive line provided excellent pass protection and kept the running game going for Kansas. But they aren't world beaters yet and they can't be expected to do everything.

The defensive struggles were so extremely discouraging that it's difficult to get too excited about a silver lining.  The defense was just plain bad and the team didn't have even the slightest answer for Tech. Over pursuit, poor tackling and players out of position all afternoon.  At the end of the day it's a major weakness and some major improvement will need to happen during the bye week if Kansas wants to find a win or two during the conference schedule.

Final score in this one, Georgia Tech 66 Kansas 24.  The Jayhawks were led offensively by Jordan Webb and Darrian Miller and even though things tapered off in the second half there is improvement on that side of the ball.  On the defensive side it's really hard to point out anyone worth a mention.  A bye week awaits the Jayhawks and then it's conference play and a home matchup against Texas Tech.