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Turner Gill Postgame Quotables: Kansas vs. Northern Illinois

Kansas 45, Northern Illinois 42
September 10, 2011
Post Game Quotes

Kansas Head Coach Turner Gill

On what this win means for the team:

"I think it shows we've got a lot of great resolve. I'm proud of these guys. They didn't lose their composure at all. They kept believing; That's what we talked about as our mission statement and I think they demonstrated that today. Our football team did a great job. They just kept playing on offense and defense and special teams, and it was great to see that. It was great for our fans. Our fans did a great job and I appreciate everybody for coming. They were definitely a part of the football game and kept us going and giving us energy."

On the game-winning play:

"We had two guys crossing in the middle, then we had a couple guys going to the flat and one guy going to the corner. We call it a mesh route where we have two guys going together. They went to a zone, and then you're trying to find the one of the two guys that are crossing to sit in an open area. (Kansas quarterback) Jordan (Webb) has to find one of those two guys and he found D.J. (Beshears). It was a good job by him with great protection. You do have to have a little bit more time on that play and our offensive line did a good job of giving him some time."

On junior wide receiver D.J. Beshears:

"I don't know if it's the best game of his career, but I would say he did a great job overall, not just on the offensive side but, kickoff return, he did a great job of getting us good field position. He's one of our guys that we believe will be a playmaker for us, and he did that for us tonight."

On sophomore quarterback Jordan Webb:

"He was exceptional. Every phase of the game that you want your quarterback to be and do, he did that. I'm proud of him and how he kept on playing. He played within the system and made plays when he had to make them. He made some great throws and scrambled around a bit. He had some good touches on the ball and threw some good passes, so I appreciate what he is all about. It's going to give him some confidence even more, including our whole football team."

On the confidence level of the team now:

"I think we're confident. We still have some work to do, but I'm proud of the way we keep moving forward in a great way. We'll keep doing that while getting ready for the next one. We'll enjoy this one here, then get ready for Georgia Tech."