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Kansas vs. Northern Illinois Drive Chart


Animated Drive Chart brought to you by Gameday Depot.

It was a shootout. Neither team did much on the defensive end, but this was a fun game to watch if you like offense.  Sure it wasn't a team with a ton of name recognition or a long history of great football, but Northern Illinois is a very good team right now and they have a quarterback and an offensive line that could probably trade blows with several Big 12 defenses.  All that and the manner by which this team grabbed the win make it a big one for Turner Gill and Kansas. 

Down 21-7 Kansas would not have put together a comeback a year ago.  They wouldn't have been able to pull it even at half, they wouldn't have been able to control much of the second half from an offensive perspective and it's not likely that they would have been able to drive for a late score to win. 

Jordan Webb knocked it out of the park and the Kansas offensive line controlled the game and created the running lanes all night long and even more so in the second half.  Offensively it's a different team.  Now the trick will be in finding a way to make that same transformation on the defensive side of the ball.  Something isn't quite clicking with Vic Shealy's group and that will be important if Kansas wants to take the momentum from this game and turn it into more.