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Myths of Conference Realignment

Time to dispel another myth in the conference realignment game.  Kansas and Kansas State have often been said to be directly tied to each other when it comes to conference realignment due to some regulation from the board of regents.  This afternoon Chancellor Bernadette Gray-Little put that to rest saying that there is no such regulation


Some might be asking who Mike Lavieri is.  Well he's the associate sports editor for the UDK and Gray-Little reportedly made these statements in a very direct answer to a line of questioning on 810 WHB Sports in Kansas City


So now that we can put that one to bed it's time to start figuring out how Kansas can position itself for a spot in a major conference if the shake up continues.  Whether that be the Big 12, the Big East, Pac12 the important thing is to avoid being in a sub-major conference. Personally I'm glad to see this myth put to bed because it seemed like a pretty lame excuse.