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Kanasas Jayhawk Football Quotes: Fall Camp Day One

Day one in the books and so far we know that Brock Berglund has practiced, but has again jumped on a plane back to Colorado.  This of course is much less alarming today due to the fact that everyone seems to know what's going on and it isn't left to rumors and speculation. 

At the same time it might be irrelevant in terms of this season because anyone and everyone that had a chance to peak in yesterday feels as though Webb is the player best positioned to lead and he's made strides from year one.  It's one practice so time will tell, but it's at least one positive sign from day one.

Head Coach Turner Gill
Opening Statement:

"I was very excited about getting practice underway for the fall. I was proud of how everyone did today. They came out with great focus, and showed a lot of passion. Our strength staff did a great job of preparing our players to be able to compete at a high level.

Jason Hensley, a player who signed with us in the spring, has decided to not play football anymore. He is just going to stay back in Arkansas. He has talked about just going to school at the University of Arkansas. He will not be a part of the Kansas football program.

Our staff talked about ways to continue to move our program forward, somebody brought up the issue of Twitter and how it can be a distraction. We are not allowing our student-athletes to have Twitter accounts because we believe that (players using Twitter) will prevent us from having enough preparation for our football program.

Regarding Brock Berglund, I got a call today addressing his legal issues. He and his family discussed the situation and determined he needs to go back home to deal with the situation. He will miss practice tomorrow. We hope that he can get back as his circumstances will allow.

We have moved Ed Fink from linebacker to fullback, Michael Martinovich, who is an offensive lineman, we have moved him to defensive tackle, and lastly, we announced that Ted McNulty has been offered a scholarship - he was a walk-on who is now on scholarship. He has been an all-around great player for us."

Hensley departs, Martinovich to defense, Fink to fullback and McNulty awarded the one year scholarship as a senior.  Minus Hensley's departure these all seem like positives. 

Linebacker did just lose two players in the middle but the position has some added depth.  Martinovich adds depth and experience to the DT spot, now we'll see if it translates to minutes or just provides a cushion.    And hats off to McNulty on the scholly, the walk on path is not an easy road and those guys deserve some credit.

On how he thought his quarterbacks performed on the first day of practice:

"I was definitely glad to see Jordan Webb, especially on the first day, to be where he was in spring football. He has looked extremely sharp and confident. He is also throwing the footballs where they need to be. I saw that his decision-making skills were extremely sharp, so I was very glad to see that."

On what he saw from running back Brandon Bourbon:

"He did some good things. It was very good to get him back out there. It will be good for him to look at the tape and see how things went."

On moving Ed Fink to fullback:

"We just wanted to get some depth at that position - fullbacks are going to have a lot of collisions, and we just want to make sure they will be able to last the entire season. We wanted to make sure that we'll be able to have depth at that position to make sure everyone is fresh throughout the game, and throughout the season."


Senior Wide Receiver Daymond Patterson:
On if he believed that using Twitter was a distraction to the team:

"I don't think it was, but even if something wasn't a distraction, if you eliminate it, then you can concentrate on something more. We're here to help the football team win games, and whatever can help us concentrate more, we will abide by it."

On what he has seen throughout the summer from Jordan Webb:

"Jordan has done a lot of positive things during the past few months, so I really like what I've seen. He has really stepped up as a leader, and we really like what we've seen from him. All of our quarterbacks are really competing against each other and that has really helped us. All of our quarterbacks know what it takes, and that is helping the entire group."


Junior Defensive End Toben Opurum

On if he feels as though he is in better shape this year since he knows what position he'll be playing:

"Absolutely - last year I was still coming off of an ankle injury from the year before, and I was never able to go full tilt until later in the season. For me, I am in the best shape I've been in since I've been at KU. It's a lot easier for me now since I'm fully healthy."


Sophomore Quarterback Jordan Webb

On if he feels that the quarterback competition is still open going into camp:

"I really can't say for sure, Quinn (Mecham) and I both go out every day and try to get better, at the end of the day, whoever takes the reins gives us the best chance to win at the quarterback position."

On if it was easier to compete last year once he learned the entire playbook:

"We weren't doing so hot when I took over last year, and like any competitor I was trying to do too much on the field - and that's just not me as a player. Coming into this year, I understand what I'm supposed to be doing more. For example, there were times I would keep the ball and run instead of pass to a receiver; now I know that it won't work out every time."