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Big 12 Power Rankings


Monday means it's power ranking time. Just as we did last season we'll line up the Big 12 teams and rank them as we see it here at RCT and then let everyone poke holes and take jabs at why we continue to put Iowa State so high or how we continue to overlook the Texas A&M Aggies. 

But before we really get this thing cranking next week I'd like to do a little different format this week and maybe give our baseline power rankings a little more of a community flare during the 2011 season. 

While I'll give you my thoughts, I'm going to keep it brief.  A strict 1-10 (we still have 10 as of today right?).  From there, I'd like to have everyone else weigh in.  I'll compile an official results power rankings based on the overall feedback and help decipher the ranking going forward with that as the baseline poll. 

Remember, power rankings are a what have you done for me lately look at a league.  The goal here is to provide a point of reference when our sample size is small.  For instance, Oklahoma beats Tulsa by 30 and OSU beats the Ragin Cajuns by 30.  The difference might be minimal and tough to decipher so the preseaon rankings give us a way to break it up.

So there you have it. The RCT picks based on our roundtable are: 1. Oklahoma   2. Oklahoma State   3. Texas       4. Mizzou   5. Texas A&M   6. Baylor   7. Texas Tech   8. Kansas State   9. Kansas   10. ISU

Ok so it might be a little presumptuous to give our team the nod at #9 but is it ever ok to pick your own team LAST?