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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 8.29.11

GAME WEEK!! Saturday McNeese State comes to Lawrence and so begins the beginning of an opportunity to put 2010 in the past.  A bunch of links covering the last non-football weekend of the year and the first Monday of game week.

Kansas Football

Starters set, but don’t forget Lubbock Smith |
Depth is a good thing.

Kansas football foes loaded with stars |
A rundown of the schedule and the key players on the Jayhawk opponent sideline.

Speed demons: KU’s D-linemen place added emphasis on quickness |
This is pretty easily the biggest area of concern on the team and they are already facing injury problems. Hopefully they can push through it and put together a strong year.

KU's Pick catching on at wide receiver |
The Kerry Meier comparisons continue.

Buffalo transfer Nick Sizemore eager to add new element to KU offense |
Could be one of the most underrated additions this year. Fullbacks don't draw a lot of attention but they can create a major impact.

Willis becoming QB of KU's defense |
Nick Reid went from QB to MLB and was one of the best Mangino era defenders.

KU football program trying to climb back up after its fall -
KCStar gets in on the act

Kansas Basketball

Junior hoops player Kevin Young maturing, fitting in |
Update from the basketball court.


Monday message from Zenger to set tone for KU Athletics |
Things have been a little quiet from the AD since the initial hire. Sounds like maybe he's ready to start stepping out with the new academic year.


Time for Big 12 to raid Big East |
Sounds like there could be some smoke around a handful of the Big East teams and the Big 12.