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RockChalkTalk T-Shirts

Fear-the-flat-top-white-on-black_design_medium We kicked this around a little last year and we ended up selling a few shirts, we gave some away to contest winners...but in the last few months I took the old store down. We've got something in the works that I'm hoping we'll be a little bit of a revamp and an upgrade so I hit the pause button. 

With that in mind, I have a question. What I'm interested in hearing about from anyone here who cares to chime in...suggestions?  Anyone got em.  T-Shirt ideas? Apparel ideas? RCT logo ideas? would you buy it? do you care?  We've had a fairly active and growing community around here over the last couple years and I'm just trying to find ways to improve some of the things we've done in the past that we've had some fun with. 

Feedback and suggestions are much appreciated.  If you don't feel like leaving them in the comments then you can email me at