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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 8.19.11


Going out in style: WR Patterson (‘Mighty Mouse’) hoping for big season |
Hard to believe Patterson is a senior already. I can remember him hurdling his way toward a touchdown on a punt return when he was just a newbie. Sacrificed for the team on more than one occasion, hopefully he can go out on a high note of some kind.

KU football notebook: Dorsey’s injury opens door at defensive tackle |
BEST NEWS IN THIS ARTICLE. Riley Spencer battling Jeff Spikes on the offensive line. There were whispers that Spencer turned a corner this offseason and this would seem to confirm it. He's a big kid.

Early optimism natural |
Cautious optimism

Texas tops in collegiate merchandising for sixth straight year | Texas Longhorns News - SportsDayDFW
We check in at 20. Seems like the brand is strong.


US, Chinese players brawl during Biden visit - College basketball- NBC Sports
Is it concerning to anyone else that the Chinese appear to be kicking the crap out of Georgetown? Are we losing our edge as a country?


CU researchers: Bacteria found in dog poop dominates in air over Cleveland and Detroit - The Denver Post
This sounds like fun...breath deeply Detroit and Cleveland, breath deep.