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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 8.17.11

Kansas Football

DT John Williams figures to have an increased role |
With Dorsey out, Williams becomes even more important for Kansas. This needs to be the year he steps up.

Still the one? Webb remains in position to take starting QB spot |
QB "battle" doesn't sound like its too much of a battle.

Top 10 KU football players to watch |
Pretty exciting look at the future

KU's defense doing line dance |
Update on the defense

KU receiver D.J. Beshears battles for a wide role -
Beshears on the outside

Former Jayhawks

Official Home of the Toronto Argonauts Football Club ::
A familiar name earns Player of the Week honors up in Canada

Mizzou - The U - and coaches caught cheating. 

Report: Players received gifts from Miami booster |
So this is going to cause some issues. It will be interesting to see Frank Haith's role. Especially when you consider the common thought is that he can recruit but can't coach.  If this is how you recruit, well sure I guess you can recruit?


College Station overtaken with SEC mania - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
Come on...this thing can't possibly survive with A&M involved.

NCAA could step into conference realignment fray – College Gridiron 365 Blog – Orlando Sentinel
Good luck

Big East commish contacts Beebe |
The ACC sure has been quiet in all of this.