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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 8.16.11

Royals, Bubba and the Huskers

Bubba Starling picks Kansas City Royals over Nebraska Cornhuskers - ESPN
So this finally happened. Opens the door for his return to Lawrence as our Chris Weinke in a few years. Although I'd rather him just return the Royals to greatness!! That happened once right?


KU football notebook: Washington, D.C., defensive end De’Jon Wilson commits to KU |
Yes we have received another commitment from a defensive end with a solid burst. More importantly though, Pat Dorsey is out for 6-8 weeks. This is a very bad thing at the one position we couldn't afford it.

Former Jayhawks

Briscoe making push for playing time |
The list of friends, family members and former teammates who wanted tickets to see Dezmon Briscoe play against the Chiefs in the Buccaneers' preseason opener at Arrowhead Stadium on Friday night was rather lengthy.

Big 12

Elvis Fisher of Missouri Tigers sustains serious knee injury - ESPN
This would be a big blow. Fisher has started several seasons now and Mizzou is incorporating a young QB. Hopefully it's something he can bounce back from because Fisher can probably play on Sunday.

Translation: A&M will still bolt |
rinse and repeat

Realignment. - Bailey does not foresee Pac-12 invite
"What we'll do, we're going to be very aggressive in recruiting schools and I don't know how many we're eventually going to recruit." this from Texas Tech President Guy Bailey. I'm guessing when the 9 remaining presidents sat down they were a little bit annoyed this time and they appear ready to go on the offensive.  Nothing new here just a repost of an interesting article from yesterday. - A&M hearing postponed, but process rolls on
Update from Chip Brown. Hey he nailed it last year.

Random NCAA Stuff

North Dakota officials prepared to change Fighting Sioux nickname - ESPN
I believe this is the last holdout in terms of this whole argument. I only post this because I think Fetch has a connection here. I can never remember which Dakota territory he claims.