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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 8.15.11

It's all about realignment.  If you thought the SEC announcement regarding A&M yesterday was the end, think again. 

A&M and the SEC - Sources: A&M will be announced in SEC in 21 days
This gives the Big 12 a little time to figure a course of action. But obviously this is far from over and as pointed out yesterday, this is going to likely end with A&M in the SEC.

Pastides: No university has applied for SEC membership
So A&M never even applied. Help to explain the vote not to extend an invite?

Possible Realignment Agenda For Tomorrow (And Moving Forward) - I Am The 12th Man
A&M blog takes a look at next steps to finalize the process.

Tortuous Interference and You: Roadblocks to Texas A&M Joining the SEC - Burnt Orange Nation
Texas viewpoint on why A&M might still hit a few snags in getting this thing done.

Kansas Prospects

Talking Points | If Big 12 disappears, Big East would be hoops heaven for KU -
Kansas/Big East talk

Realignment a matter of perspective |
Tait on KU's stance with realignment

A new beginning: Darius Willis thrilled to be at QB, er, LB for KU |
A look at the linebacker group

Thought from around the Big 12

Austin Meek: So much for the Big 12 peace treaty |
Commentary from Austin Meek.

The Big 12: Access McCombs with DeLoss Dodds and Chris Plonsky - YouTube
Video that started making the rounds yesterday. Indicates talks with Notre Dame, some smoke around that lately.

Missouri moves ahead with plans for its own Internet-based network | Campus Corner
It feels like we're behind the ball in a lot of these areas. Rumor that KSU is going to announce the same today.