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Tim Biere On The John Mackey Watch List

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Just like last year TIm Biere once again makes the cut as one of 34 tight ends named to the John Mackey watch list which is an award handed out to the nations top tight end.  Last year it was a bit of a mystery as to how Biere would be used in the new Turner Gill/Chuck Long offense and with just 19 catches for 228 yards it's probably safe to say that many Jayhawk fans were expecting a bit more involvement from the position. 

Obviously a lot of factors play into that, the quarterback situations, struggles on the offensive line and a generally inept offense can all be pointed to as reasons that Biere likely spent more time out of sight last year than originally expected.  Heading into year two, an optimistic view might point to some of those things changing and another shot for Biere in his final year.

Biere is a big physical tight end who does a very nice job in blocking situations and has shown some flashes of being a very solid pass catching tight end as well.  Ideally the senior from Nebraska will be able to play a more significant role as a weapon in the Kansas offense in 2011 and perhaps make a play at an all conference mention of some sort in the Big 12.

Biere is one of two tight ends named to the list from the Big 12 with Michael Egnew from Missouri being the other.  Egnew is likely favorite for all conference honors at the position and could very well be the favorite for the Mackey. Either way it's a nice mention for Biere who has been a player that has been a bit of a staple over the recent transitional years and hopefully he can make some noise this season and draw some attention from the NFL.