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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.28.11

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Much of the team is headed home for the last time until after Thanksgiving.  Of course we'd love for it to be after bowl season but that would be a big step forward from a year ago.  Players report next week for the beginning of fall camp.

Kansas Football

Two quarterbacks commit to KU |
Big day for recruiting and a KEY position.  TWO dual threat QB's and after getting excited about the first one it's even more exciting to know that the second one is an even higher rated prospect.

Gill wants more from KU pass rush |
File this under no-brainers. It's been something Kansas fans have been dying to see for several seasons now.

Kansas Basketball

KU freshman Jamari Traylor learning from Morris twins, Cole Aldrich |
An update from the basketball team. Not bad company to learn from.

Big 12

Larry Scott -- Longhorn Network will keep Texas from joining Pac-12 - ESPN
This Longhorn network kept the Big 12 together, but I think it's also going to slowly tear it apart. With other conferences adding networks and sharing the wealth while the Big 12 and Texas continue down a similar path that they've been just seems as though the A&M's and Oklahoma's of the world are going to be less and less tolerant.  Again, I hate that we clearly have ZERO control of our destiny for the most part.

College Football

Butch Davis fired as North Carolina football coach - ESPN
Some fairly big news from the college football world.

Top 20 prospect Gunner Kiel commits to Indiana Hoosiers - ESPN
Yesterday was a big day for QB's. Kiel is the #2 ranked QB in the country and he had both Missouri and Oklahoma in his finalists. This is a good thing that he's staying in Big Ten country.

Pac-12 to launch national, regional networks - ESPN
Pac-12 making this announcement yesterday. Just another reason that the Big 12 is a frustrating situation. At the same time we don't appear to be in a position to drive our situation.