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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.27.11

Kansas Football

Less is more: Kansas football OL Jeremiah Hatch shows off trim(mer) frame |
Hatch looks NOTICEABLY better. If he can set the tone up front the Kansas offensive line could start to move into the position of leadership that we all expected a year ago.

KU football notebook: Turner Gill still thinking big for Jayhawks |
Even though we all know it's going to be an uphill battle, it is nice to see Coach Gill isn't backing down from his goals in the least.

KU’s Gill turns the page with bowl expectations -
More on the expectation side of things. Again, I'm not expecting a turn so dramatic that Kansas goes bowling, but I guess you never know.

Kevin Haskin: Gill's frosh will add depth for Kansas |
Some great reviews on the incoming freshman yesterday. Biere, Gill, Johnson and Hatch all had good things to say. Hatch says Adonis Saunders is going to be tops, Johnson likes Collins Garrett, Biere says they have work ethic and are the fastest group on the team.

Slimmer Hatch re-energized |
More on the slim, trim version of Jeremiah Hatch. 40 lbs is not small task. Seriously the guy looks lean and ready to be a player.

Kansas Basketball

Self believes, but tough to see Kansas continuing Big 12 run - NCAA Division I Mens Basketball -
Let the doubting begin.

Mass. prep Kaleb Tarczewski has stellar summer |
Folks out there claiming this is a Kansas v Arizona battle with Kansas expected to snag the commitment sometime in August.

Big 12

Big 12's Four Little Piggies should find shelter -
A not so glowing commentary on the remaining schools from the old Big 12 North.

Beebe: Big 12 has issues like any other conference |
Beebe addresses some of the recent ?'s.