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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.26.11

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Sorry for the one day hiatus, got caught off the grid.  Tough to do, but so worth it.   In the time being it looks like we have one National crisis averted, one to go.  At least we have football right?


KU's Brock Berglund pleads not guilty to assault charge |
Court portion begins. Statement seems pretty clear and I guess selfishly speaking it sure would be nice if Berglund had to miss time because of the trial. Not because I don't want him around by any means, but if he were to miss mean's Kansas is in a Bowl game.

North Platte Nebraska's newspaper - The North Platte Telegraph. > Sports
Not surprising coming from a Pro-Husker Pub but I tend to agree. If Gill works out and we can renew the contract in four years with confidence then Kansas football has a solid person in the position. Of course that's a long road yet to be traveled.

STLSportsMinute: 60 Second Rant: Mizzou/KU Match-Up Missing From "Big Monday"
Shame for Mizzou. One of the best chances in recent years for them to put together a convincing win and it's either Saturday or Wednesday TBD.

Big 12

Big 12 Media Days, Day 1: KU media guide unveiled; Pinkel says prep games on Longhorn Network 'ludicrous'  Great Day One Recap from the fellas over at KUSports

John Klein: A whole new world for old Big 12 North teas | Tulsa World
Definitely a different struggle now. Mizzou due to the timing of their resurgence over the past decade is likely the best positioned to contend moving forward, but these things can come and go quickly so who knows.

Mizzou DE: ‘No rivalry compares to KU’ |
Hey at least we're still a major rival! Of course that won't ever change in football or basketball no matter the disparity.

Notes: Baylor brings Bennett back to Big 12 |
A few odds and ends from media day