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Monday Sundry

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A very short set of links for you today.  It's clear that the sports world needs football to start - there just isn't anything interesting going on out there.

Basketball Recruiting

Random update from the LJW. Somehow, it appears that right now, Texas A&M has a better chance of getting Shabazz Muhammad than we do.  I have to be missing something here. 

Mario Chalmers

Mario Chalmers has used his foundation to open up Mario's Closet - a specialty shop for cancer patients - at Lawrence Memorial Hospital.  Great to see him giving back to the Lawrence community.

Big 12 Media Days

It has begun.  And reporters, looking for anything to drive page views, will of course ask everyone about the Longhorn Network. 

Matt Tait, friendly as always and representing the LJW, is down there following the action.

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