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RCT Gameday Guide To Lawrence: Best Pregame/Gameday Tradition

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Voting today for best beer selection and nominations for the first category of next week and that's the best pregame/gameday tradition. Our beer selection list is a short and sweet one that should draw a pretty tight race. My expectation of today's category is that it will be far different. I'm leaving this VERY open because I'm curious to hear what tradition makes YOUR gameday.

This could be a common gameday tradition like the singing of the Alma Mater, perhaps the band marching in down the hill or the run onto the field from the North bowl stands. It could be waving the wheat after a touchdown OR this could be something that you think is unique to YOU. Sure it might now win, but for me I always liked a walk across campus on a Fall Saturday. Things seemed a little more quiet, a little more peaceful and you can't beat the changing of the leaves and the smell of Fall in the air. Now that's my pregame/gameday tradition and while I don't know if anyone else would vote for it, I'll toss it out there. You get the idea.

So let's have you more well known and also your lesser known traditions from gameday in Lawrence and don't forget voting continues for best burger through today.