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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.22.11

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Brock Berglund

KU QB Brock Berglund to appear in court Monday; lawyer releases statement |
Sheesh...all over a thrown punch. Time to just let things play out and hope for the best. Realistically he isn't going to be the quarterback this year anyway so hopefully he can get this whole ordeal resolved in a satisfactory manor and get a full season in the program under his belt before heading into next Spring competing for the job.

QB Brock Berglund, coach Turner Gill both in a pickle |
Keegan still not overwhelmingly confident in Berglund and continues to state that he isn't participating.  I have to believe Keegan knows more to continue the tone.  Certainly seems more skeptical than some.

Brock Berglund timeline |
Berglund's last 6 months with Kansas

Big 12

Big 12 topics in threes to get ready for next week's football media days | Conference chatter |
A look ahead toward next weeks Big 12 media days