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RCT Gameday Guide To Lawrence: Best Beer Selection

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Voting on Burgers begins today, voting on Pizza wraps up today. As for nominations we're moving into the all important beer selection that an establishment manages to provide. This one should provide us some options to discuss other than the usual suspects as I'm pretty sure the wheel serves predominately Bud, Bud Light and maybe Boulevard and as much as I do like Boulevard I can't say that the beer selection was ever what drew me to the Wheel or any other establishment in my college days.

Alas we get old and choking down a warm or slightly stale Budweiser becomes a little more difficult or the desired affect isn't achieved. Sure there is a time and place for those large domestic brews but what if you're looking for a little bit more from your beer in Lawrence? Where does one turn for a little more hoppiness, a little extra flavor or just an all around great variety of beers? Best Beer Selection in Lawrence nominations are hereby open and I'd suggest giving us your favorite beer with said nomination because it's fun.