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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.21.11

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Kansas Football

Jayhawks’ schedule not kind |
Not pretty

Kansas Basketball

Scholarship offers pour in for First Academy guard -
Apparently Bill Self was the first to offer this guy and now things are taking off for him.

KU hoops coach Bill Self hitting recruiting trail |
Need a big year after last years somewhat disappointing result.

Big 12 Trouble?

Oklahoma, Texas A&M may look at moving to SEC because of Texas' TV network - NCAA Football - Sporting News
Sheesh...this isn't the harmonious conference that Beebe painted a picture of a month or so back. Now OU is getting in on the SEC talk. All I know is we're NO better off than we were last year when this whole deal went down and we better hope this thing holds or that we've got a solid backup plan in order in case.

College Basketball

Next coaching generation: Reason to fret? - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
I don't often listen to much of what Bruce Weber says, but this is an interesting perspective.

Mike Leach and a boat!

A Day With Mike Leach: Sailing Key West's High Seas With The Pirate Captain -
Pretty interesting stuff from Spencer Hall. A day on a boat with Mike Leach...nice.