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RCT Gameday Guide To Lawrence: Best Burger

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On the agenda for today is voting for best pizza and nominations for BEST BURGER. Is there anything more American than a burger on a football gameday in the fall? Well minus a burger on one of those three Holiday weekends over the Summer I'd say no.

Lawrence certainly has it's fair share of great Burger joints. I've heard of a new spot on Mass that throws down QUITE the burger, there are old staples near the river and a familiar place in this series regularly draws mention on ESPN Sportscenter during Kansas basketball highlights for their burger. Plenty of options but I think this is one that you might have to throw out a little explanation and make your sales pitch due to the loyalty and devotion that folks tend to have toward their burger and/or burger joint.

So who you got for Best Burger in Lawrence? Also voting continues for best dive bar a little further down on the front page.