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RCT Gameday Guide To Lawrence: Best Dive Bar

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Here's a quick update on where we stand with things. 'Best Breakfast' ended up in a tie after a two day back and forth battle featuring a variety of places. Milton's and First Watch were the winners, but I think the reality is that there are quite a few great options in an around Lawrence. On the 'Best Bloody Mary' front it was a little more of a landslide victory as Louise's West runs away with it grabbing nearly 60% of the vote.

Today we vote on 'Best Sports Bar' and we're taking nominations for best dive bar. Now I understand that you may or may not pony up to a dive on gameday, but if you do at any other given time in Lawrence or have a favorite old haunt in Lawrence please place your nomination. Some visiting fan or even a fellow Jayhawk fan might find some value in the recommendation come football season. So let's hear about em. The local joint, the hole in the wall, whatever you consider a solid drinking spot with a college/Lawrence dive bar vibe.