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RCT Gameday Guide To Lawrence: Sports Bar Anyone?

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Yesterday we took nominations for top Bloody Mary and today we vote on that very item. Voting is still open for one more day on top breakfast spot before a winner will be declared. Shockingly close in that one...shockingly.

For today we dive a little further into gameday in Lawrence. In an ideal world Kansas doesn't play the 11am game so what better to do after breakfast and little spicy booze than continue the party and watch some football. When Turner Gill turns us into the perennial power we know he will our games will all be carried at night on ABC or ESPN or some other MEGA network so we'll have plenty of time to catch the other teams play a little football early in the day. So where do you go in Lawrence to catch the action from around the country?

We're talking sports bars, not dive bars with a TV, not Chili's or Applebee's or any other place that throws a TV up and serves food and beer. Make it a legit sports bar and I'd be interested to hear from everyone on this. Even if you haven't been to Lawrence in a long time let's hear where you used to go. It probably won't make the nominations if it doesn't still exist but it's worth the reminiscing right?