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RCT Gameday Guide To Lawrence: Blood Mary Time!

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Spicy BOOZE...heck yeah!
Spicy BOOZE...heck yeah!

Today we're voting on the "Best of" Breakfast spot as a followup to yesterday's nomination process and we're moving on to our next category for nominations and I like some do believe that parking is a right of passage. And being that this list will be shared with Jayhawk and NON-Jayhawk fans alike, I think we'll just save the good parking spots for ourselves unless someone asks nicely.

With that in mind let's jump to the next order of business following breakfast. In all reality this one might just coincide with breakfast but sometimes the best Bloody Mary might not come from the same place you choose to dine. The bloody mary is an important part of any drinking day that begins with the rising of the sun. Especially as you get older spicy booze tends to go down a little easier than a keystone light during a game of beer pong at 8am. I'm thinking this is going to be a pretty condensed list as I don't remember a whole lot of great bloody mary spots in college, but I do know of at least two and I'm sure there are more. Let's have at it, vote for your favorite breakfast and nominate your favorite bloody mary.