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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.14.11

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From the KUBasketball Hoops Blog Yesterday.  A nice little teaser of EJ...three years ago.  This guy should be a stud this year, it's definitely time and the minutes are there.

Kansas Basketball

Mario Chalmers to celebrate opening of shop for cancer patients at LMH |
Always good to see former Jayhawks taking pride in the community

Kansas Football

Ex-KU lineman James McClinton faithful |
Update on James McClinton...could use a McClinton 2.0 right about now.

More Interviews with this guy and Mike Leach please

James Harrison takes aim at Goodell, others in new interview | ProFootballTalk
This guy is always a great quote machine.

Great Coincidences of the world

Nate Montana pleads guilty to reckless driving - NCAA Football -
Come on...Nate Montana, son of Joe Montana, plays for MONTANA!  Could this be the only player with the same name on the front and back of the jersey?

Boredom Link

Inside the Irish
I just wanted to point out the ridiculousness of this. NBC's only team devoted blog...Notre Dame. And that includes any and all sports in the WORLD. It occurs for obvious reasons but damn, just give up on it already....and this concludes my boredom link of the day.