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RCT Gameday Guide To Lawrence

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I'll give full disclosure and say that I am stealing this idea.  But I do think it's a good one. A lot of times when we get close to a home game and fans of the opposing team get ready to make their trek to Lawrence we get a fanpost or a comment asking what to do in Lawrence?  Where are the best places to go?  Gameday traditions to experience?  Stuff like that.  With that in mind, let's put together a list of sorts.

First off we'll identify the categories.  From that point on we'll take a trip down memory lane with each category and identify/nominate some faves.  Voting on the best of those nominees will then take place and give us the RCT gameday guide to Lawrence just in time for that final final stretch before the home opener against McNeese State.  Sounds like a way to make me wish football season were here even sooner. 

So for now we're talking categories.  Throw down what you'd like to see included after the jump.  Best Burger...Best Sports Bar...Best Dive Bar...Top Tailgate Spot...Must see Tradition...Top Pregame Activity...Top Postgame Activity.  Throw some ideas in the comment section and we'll have our recommendations locked and loaded all season long.