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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 7.12.11

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Kansas Football

Chris Ransom’s Top 20 Offensive Tackles for 2012 " NFL Mocks |
Hawkinson shows up in an NFL Mock for 2012 as the 9th best tackle. A little out of date on the info considering he's going to be playing RT this year but the potential that is described is what makes Tanner and attractive prospect. He is a player that receives a good deal of hype every year...this season he needs to start delivering.

Kansas Basketball

Thomas Robinson has huge potential |
Last week Keegan stepped out on a limb declaring Brock Berglund a lost cause. This week he plays it safe as captain obvious. Either way, I like hearing about how awesome TRob helps pass the time too.

Growing pains: New forward Braeden Anderson getting acquainted with college workouts |
An update on one of the new members of the Jayhawk basketball team.

New rules good for KU? |
A look at a couple new rules in college bball.

Brock Berglund

Not really enough for a whole post and I don't know enough of the why's to speculate or give a definitive opinion on this, but I do have three separate sources that have confirmed that as of the end of the day Monday Berglund still hasn't participated in any voluntary workouts since returning to Lawrence last week. 

Now these are labeled "voluntary" and Tait had a story just a couple days ago that he had received a text from Berglund declaring that he was 100% committed to Kansas.  Others have also said that Gill has excused him based on some personal matters.  Whatever the reason or situation it's not necessarily a great start for a recruit that was considered a potential competitor for the QB spot just 6 months ago. 

As a Kansas fan I certainly hope it sorts itself out because physically Berglund is a quarterback prospect that has the tools to be a good one. Things happen, people move on and that can certainly happen in this instance whether that means Berglund steps in come August, sits a year and develops or if that means Keegan's prediction comes true and he nevers sticks at Kansas. At the moment Webb would certainly appear to be the frontrunner this season and at the moment you'd have to consider Cummings the freshman to watch at this point based on his efforts to date.