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Basketball Recruit DeAndre Daniels To UConn

This years final recruiting saga appears to be over and this time Kansas isn't landing any late recruiting season saves.  After having luck with Xavier Henry and Josh Selby things took a different turn with DeAndre Daniels and the 6'8" wing is headed to UConn.

Back in January it looked like Daniels would be a Jayhawks.  Somewhere along the way the process turned into a lengthy one with multiple delays and the writing seemed to be on the wall.  If Daniels wanted to be a Jayhawk the playing time was there and all he had to do was say the word.  For whatever reason that wasn't meant to be and he's headed to defending national champion UConn. 

Tough break for Bill Self.  Kansas still has the pieces in place to compete on a National level but it will be one of the more challenging years for the Jayhawks in recent memory.  Kansas is still fairly deep on talent, but they are very thin on experience and thin on proven production.