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SB Nation Conference Re-Draft Update

As I mentioned yesterday Kansas was selected with the 5th pick in the 6th round of the SB Nation conference re-draft yesterday.  The selection was one that placed Kansas at the top end of those "basketball" school types and as we discussed a little yesterday it seemed to fit right about where we thought we would end up.  35th overall in the draft, 4th in the Big 12, first in terms of teams formerly in the North.  Without further ado, here's the layout of the conference that Kansas was selected to.

  • Round 1, Pick 2: Florida
  • Round 2, Pick 11: Penn St.
  • Round 3, Pick 14: Virginia Tech
  • Round 4, Pick 23: Miami
  • Round 5, Pick 26: Auburn
  • Round 6, Pick 35: KANSAS!

Thoughts on the draw?  Kansas would be the most consistent basketball program with relative ease although an annual matchup with Billy Donovan's Gators would certainly provide a solid program to compete with. From a football standpoint we do have that one big Orange Bowl win over new conference foe Va Tech and Miami has been a bit of a mystery in recent years.  It's definitely a group that revolves around FOOTBALL and a conference shifted heavily to the East, but Kansas was choice numero uno when it came time to address the game of basketball. 

More thoughts and full draft outline after the jump.

Here's your full draft update:

1-1    BC Interruption    TEXAS
1-2    Black Heart Gold Pants    FLORIDA
1-3    Team Speed Kills    ALABAMA
1-4    Big East Coast Bias    OHIO STATE
1-5    House of Sparky    USC
1-6    Red Cup Rebellion    LSU
2-7    Red Cup Rebellion    MICHIGAN
2-8    House of Sparky    NOTRE DAME
2-9    Big East Coast Bias    FLORIDA STATE
2-10    Team Speed Kills    OKLAHOMA
2-11    Black Heart Gold Pants    PENN STATE
2-12    BC Interruption    GEORGIA
3-13    BC Interruption    UCLA
3-14    Black Heart Gold Pants    VIRGINA TECH
3-15    Team Speed Kills    NEBRASKA
3-16    Big East Coast Bias    LOUISVILLE
3-17    House of Sparky    OREGON
3-18    Red Cup Rebellion    NORTH CAROLINA
4-19    Red Cup Rebellion    STANFORD
4-20    House of Sparky    TENNESSEE
4-21    Big East Coast Bias    MICHIGAN STATE
4-22    Team Speed Kills    TEXAS A&M
4-23    Black Heart Gold Pants    MIAMI
4-24    BC Interruption    WISCONSIN
5-25    BC Interruption    WASHINGTON
5-26    Black Heart Gold Pants    AUBURN
5-27    Team Speed Kills    ARIZONA
5-28    Big East Coast Bias    WEST VIRGINIA
5-29    House of Sparky    SYRACUSE
5-30    Red Cup Rebellion    ARKANSAS
6-31    Red Cup Rebellion    IOWA
6-32    House of Sparky    KENTUCKY
6-33    Big East Coast Bias    MARYLAND
6-34    Team Speed Kills    CALIFORNIA
6-35    Black Heart Gold Pants    KANSAS
6-36    BC Interruption    DUKE


  • So yes PenHawk Kansas was taken before Duke by a nose. 
  • Current "basketball" schools taken ahead of Kansas include:  Kentucky, Syracuse, North Carolina, Louisville, UCLA.
  • Some of those could be argued, Syracuse has some solid football tradition and North Carolina/UCLA have both achieved success at times.  Louisville is the most profitable basketball program in the Nation and I have been told that Calipari paid off "House of Sparky" to get Kentucky selected as early as possible.
  • Anyone that you are surprised at?  Anyone that you would have selected ahead of Kansas? anyone that shouldn't have been selected ahead of Kansas?