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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 6.27.11

Kansas Football

KU renovating Touchdown Club in south end zone |
What's everyone's take on this. I guess the money is good, but it catches a lot of grief from around the league from being amateur.

The one to beat: Jordan Webb best of the bunch at QB for Kansas — at least so far |
Position previews continue for KUSports

Kansas Basketball

Vandy transfer Andre Walker plans to visit KU basketball |
Nothing to lose with this one. Fills out the roster, adds depth and experience on the interior and it's a one year commitment.

Kansas Track

KU sprinter Diamond Dixon triumphs at nationals |
Hey hey...junior national champion. Not sure what that means in the grand scheme of track and field but it sounds important.

Josh Selby

Selby lectured about maturity by Grizzlies coach and executives |
"He says he’s not cocky. Well, I beg to differ," Grizzlies assistant general manager Kenny Williamson told the Commercial-Appeal. "All players have egos. It’s how you carry it. And maybe he carried it a little differently. But right now, after talking to him, he’s been humbled."

Not sure what to say here

Austin Hatch, Michigan Wolverines recruit, in critical condition after plane crash - ESPN
Pretty crazy story. Hopefully he can recover and bounce back although this has to be one of the more horrible things I've heard in a while.