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NBA Draft Talk: Josh Selby To Memphis

The story late in the night seemed to be the plummeting stock of Kansas one and doner Josh Selby. Selby had a fairly disappointing freshman campaign at Kansas after arriving with huge expectations. Suspension and injury played a major role in that but regardless of the reason, Selby might be the best example of a player that was substantially harmed by the one and done rule.

A year ago Selby would have been a top 10 pick most likely. Today, well he's late second round and that isn't the pay day that was expected. Fact is he needed another year at Kansas to recover that draft stock. As we've learned here recently, you don't sell low. The winner in this might be Memphis who was able to buy low according to ESPN's Chad Ford.

"I have no idea whether Josh Selby will pan out. But at No. 49, the Grizzlies drafted a player with lottery talent."

"A medical red flag concerning a swollen knee and a skipped MRI was partly to blame for Selby's drop. But teams were more worried about his character and his poor season at Kansas. Still, when you watch his game film from college or watch him work out, you see that he has the potential to be special."

Up until the disappearing act following the season I'd say that the character thing shouldn't have been a huge concern. Yes he seemed frustrated at times when at Kansas but most of that seemed more to do with his struggle as opposed to the situation. Hard not to be frustrated when you can't seem to get things going.

Memphis all but admitted that the pick was made solely on what Selby had been billed as coming out of high school. They are well aware of the last year and what has occurred but hope that they can strike a little late second round gold with Selby based on his potential.

"We're taking him off his high school pedigree, I'm a believer that when you get later on in the draft and there's a big-time high school player around, you take him."

"I don’t think the world has had a chance to see the true Josh Selby."

- Griz general manager Chris Wallace

At the same time, Memphis has nothing to lose here. Being a second round pick means no guarentee for Selby, Wallace knows it and makes it well known that they see this as a gamble and it's going to be on Selby to prove himself now.

"He's got to come in here and make our team, Maybe this amounts to something. Maybe it doesn't. It's up to Josh Selby now."

Not the most ringing endorsement of all time, but Selby now has a shot and Kansas fans should certainly continue to support the former Jayhawk despite the fact that one more year in Lawrence would probably have been the best move.