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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 6.2.11

Josh Selby

2011 NBA Mock Draft, Knicks: Josh Selby PG/SG, Kansas - SB Nation New York
I'd love to see Selby on the Knicks. Big time exposure for Kansas, of course that's only good as soon as all this Selby sucked at Kansas talk subsides.

Kansas Football

North’s Saunders snags double gold again -
Adonis Saunders, future Jayhawk. Speed!

NBA News

Shaquille O'Neal announces his retirement after 19 seasons - ESPN Boston
Not being a NBA guy I sometimes forgot that he was still playing, but with his retirement it's been pretty interesting to watch old clips and just remember how physically dominating Shaq was. Its just too bad about Shazaam! (I think that's what it was called)