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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 5.6.11

Kansas AD

KU athletic director Sheahon Zenger’s approach refreshing |
Some thoughts on the AD from Matt Tait

Kansas Basketball

KU hoops commit Zach Peters to also tackle football in senior year of high school |
I guess if all else fails we can try to turn him into the next Nate Solder.

College Basketball

NCAA proposes NBA-like rule changes for men's, women's basketball - ESPN
I think the charge arc would be a fairly significant change at the college level and I think I like it.

Gary Williams to retire as Maryland basketball coach - ESPN
Things had really taken a turn toward mediocrity since the '02 title but the guy was a good coach and many had him linked to the KU job prior to Roy taking it.


Sooner Center should help in recruiting wars | OU Sports
May not be able to pay players, but you can bet there are ways to use money as an advantage. It's an arms race with no end in sight and more and more money flowing in.