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Kansas Jayhawk News and Notes 5.5.11

Kansas Basketball

Alabama prep to visit Kansas basketball |
Big weekend. If Liggins pulls out of the draft Lacey could be a Jayhawk, but I think that the Liggins domino HAS to fall first.

College Football

U.S. Department of Justice asks NCAA why there's no playoff for football - ESPN
The Justice Department wants to know why the NCAA doesn't have a college football playoff system and says there are serious questions about whether the current format to determine a national champion complies with antitrust laws.

Von Miller, then and now: How recruits grow (and grow some more) into draft picks, by the numbers - Dr. Saturday - NCAAF Blog - Yahoo! Sports
Damn Von Miller transformed completely.

Bin Laden Stuff

Gary Faulkner Wants Over $6 Million For Bin Laden's Capture
Ladies and gentleman....the man that forced Osama from the mountain cave back to civilization where he could be killed. He's from Colorado and he wants part of the reward.  Balls.

Brilliant or Not?

IDEA OF THE DAY: This Device Works Like A Coffee Machine, Except It Makes Beer
Brilliant idea or major fail? BRILLIANT IDEA!